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Advice/guide for flushing anti-freeze/coolant for car?

Lately I've been having trouble with the check engine light going at slow speed for extended periods of time. I feel this is because the car is overheating so I check the coolant level and find it's not anywhere near the %26quot;cold%26quot; level. So I figure it's time to fix this. The car is 17 years old with 72K Mi on it and probably hasn't had it changed ever (same with the transmission fluid).

I've read the bottle on the (pre-mixed, 50/50) anti-freeze I purchased. It says (roughly) drain the current coolant, load with water, run the car with the heater at maximum power for 10 minutes, turn off, drain water, load new anti-freeze. Is this accurate? Should I use straight tap, filtered or distiled water? Typicaly how well labled is the coolant plug? Thanks.Advice/guide for flushing anti-freeze/coolant for car?Hello what you need to do is get the hose out and put the one end in the top radiator and open the drain plug (should be bottom left (depending on the car) open it all the way run the car with the water running once the car reaches normal operating temp ( and for the thermostat to open) and you should see a clear flow of water then you can cut the car off and let the water run out that way you know your motor is cleaned out of anti freeze. then make sure you re-tighten your drain plug and put the proper antifreeze into your car. check with parts people (some cars call for green, orange etc..) the plug is sometimes a butterfly or a screw look for your radiator@ http://www.radiators.com/ and you shoud see what the plug looks like and where it's located... good luckAdvice/guide for flushing anti-freeze/coolant for car?What kind of car?

You can usually either find a cap on the radiator - or on a lot of newer cars, you add fluid directly to the overflow (where you see the 'cold and hot' levels).

If it is a chrysler - like an LHS or Intrepid, you will have to bleed the cooling system when you get it filled back up - after refilling it, drive the car until it gets warm, and you will see a little bleeder screw at the top of the engine - loosen it, and steam will come out, wait until fluid starts coming out solid - and then tighten it back again. (There might be other cars that require this too - it's very stupid...)

Find the drain - usually at the bottom of the radiator (make sure the car is cool when you do this. Drain the coolant out, and then close the drain - get some radiator flush and mix it with water as indicated on the directions, run the motor, then drain it.

Fill up with 50/50 coolant and water - either premix or make your own.

You should probably change your thermostat (location depends on car) since it is probably pretty funky by now.Advice/guide for flushing anti-freeze/coolant for car?Go to the parts store and buy a flush kit and a bottle of flush and follow the instructions.
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  • I just bought a 2010 subaru outback. How long can I expect it to last without any problems and repairs?

    I drive about 1000 to 1200 miles a month and the only maintenance i get done is oil change and once a month i check tire pressure. I do not ever open the hood to see coolant or oil level.

    With such lifestyle, how long can i expect it to last?I just bought a 2010 subaru outback. How long can I expect it to last without any problems and repairs?Im pretty sure you got some warranty on it. If I were you, anything that comes up, I would make them fix it asap. As for how long it's going to last Is a matter of how you take care of and maintenance it. Also, it's luck. Some people can treat their cars like babies and still have problems. But for now, you should be fine.I just bought a 2010 subaru outback. How long can I expect it to last without any problems and repairs?ok here is god tips for maintenance

    i highly recomend mobil1 cause i seen the diffrence in my own car and also u can change it at 5000 miles is really safe and the filter at every other oil change .

    at every 12000 mile

    change the air filter

    fuel filter

    rotate the tire

    at every 24000 mile

    change the trans fluid ( machine flush )

    antifreeze coolant fluid ( flush )


    Gear oil

    those should be your main maintenace first .every 10 days check all the fluid level and when u see any leak just fix it right away . trust me any car would last 300 thousand miles easy . and for tune up change the spark plugs every 50000 miles and wires at 100000 miles.

    and if ur catalic converter get old , leaky , or clog just let them cut it and put a flex pipe

    if the car overheat just shut it off as sson as posible this is trhe main problems when a car overheat everything would start going bad , and as sson as u hear noises even if it go away for a minute or maybe couples days it would cause problems later on .so have it check right away .

    tie rod , ball joint , should last u every 3 years if u drive it smoothly ,

    shock can go up to 150000 miles

    other then that dont spend money on cars etc, just keep the fluids clean as much as possible . espacially engine oil and trans fluids, other can wait few miles f ur low on money

    What is happening to the coolant (98chev malibu)?

    So mom's 98 Malibu (4cyl 2.4L) leaks coolant but weirdly. 1st of all, I do find coolant on the floor under the car but cannot find where its coming from. The reservoir's level keeps dropping down, I'll fill it up and 10days later its low again. I took the car to 3 different professional mechanic shops and they did a pressure test but during the pressure test mysteriously not a single drop of coolant leaked. However, every now and then i'll find coolant on the ground and reservoir's levels dropped. One of the mechanics suggested I change the reservoir's cap, I did that and still the coolant keeps leaking and still no signs to where the leak is coming from.

    The engine has not overheated yet nor showed the signs of any problems.

    So, what do u think could be going on, and how do i solve that.

    thanks for readingWhat is happening to the coolant (98chev malibu)?The only way an engine loses coolant is by a leaking hose, a leaking water pump, hole in the radiator, a leaking head gasket, (which will cause performance problems), or a leaking freeze plug. Try to determine where you see the leak on the ground and look up in the engine while the car is still parked above the leak. See if it is leaking from the front or rear of engine. This will help you narrow down some of the components i just told you about. A crack in the intake manifold is another area of leaks , but this is very rare.

    good luck...What is happening to the coolant (98chev malibu)?the design of the upper intake gasket on that car is defective. it will keep leaking until you have it replaced. (cost me $400 to get mine done) if you decide to keep the car, you will have to get it replaced again because gm didn't fix the problem.What is happening to the coolant (98chev malibu)?it may be a head gasket. i can't believe 3 mechanics can't find the problem. what they need to do is drain the coolant system and pressurize it with air or put a dye in the coolant and find it that wayWhat is happening to the coolant (98chev malibu)?lets hope it,s not what i,am thinking. i,am thinking it might be a hole in the transmission cooler on the radiator and the coolant is mixing with the transmission fluid.i don,t know if that,s what it is but it would,nt hurt to mention it to the mechanic.

    Antifreeze/coolant leak out of head gasket?

    Does anyone know how much it cost to change a head gasket in a 94 3.1L V6 berreta Z26Antifreeze/coolant leak out of head gasket?Most of the time it is the intake gaskets that are leaking, unless you ran it hot. Then you may have headgasket leaking also. Intake job is around 6 hours labor with $100 or so in parts.

    Headgaskets would be 13 hours plus parts.Antifreeze/coolant leak out of head gasket?Are you sure its not just the rocker cover (rubber seal under the gasket?) You could DIY that job.

    A head gasket is not expensive (for the parts) it all comes down to labour costs which vary depending on the garage.Antifreeze/coolant leak out of head gasket?let say $350.00 us dollars.more or less.

    How to change oil - 2001 Buick LeSabre?

    I am trying to cut back on spending money, and I figured changing my own oil would be a great help. My only problem is, of course, how do I do this? I know I have to get underneath the car, that's.... not TOO much a problem, I think I fit decently under it, but after that, what do I look for, some kind of thing you unscrew and hope it doesnt spill all over me?

    I drive a 2001 Buick LeSabre, if that helps. I already checked the dipstick, so I know I definitely need to change that out. Also, when it comes to checking my engine coolant/antifreeze, how do I know when to fill it or what?

    ANY help would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to start maintaining my car on my own, but I need a point in the right direction. Thanks!How to change oil - 2001 Buick LeSabre?First, secure the vehicle safely! I do not recommend using the cars own tire jack as a sole means of support. A pair of axle stands or steel ramps work best. When using ramps, block the rear wheels, put it in park and set the emergency brake if so equipped.

    Tools Required:

    - a worklight, gloves and eye protection

    - an oil filter wrench

    - a socket and ratchet that fits the oil pan drain plug snugly

    - a shallow pan capable of holding up to 10 litres of used oil

    - shop rags, a pair of rubber gloves

    - your choice of motor oil and a new oil filter

    - a way to raise and support the vehicle safely and securely

    If the vehicle is cold, run the vehicle for a few minutes to 'warm' the oil, it will allow the oil to drain faster.

    Remove the oil filler cap located on top of the engine. Place the shallow pan beneath the oil pan under the car and locate the oil pan drain plug bolt. The bolt or drain plug is generally a large hex-shaped bolt that threads into the oil pan. The engine oil pan is affixed to and located directly beneath the engine.

    You will need a snug fitting socket or you run the risk of stripping the drain plug bolt. Unscrew the bolt until you start to see small drips appearing, position the pan, as the oil will stream out. Allow the plug to drop into the shallow pan for now. Allow the oil pan to fully drain and move to the front of the vehicle.

    Locate the oil filter and use the oil filter wrench to remove it, be careful as the oil filter is full of oil! Remove the oil filter and empty the oil into the shallow pan and discard the filter.

    Grab the new filter and apply a thin coating of oil on the rubber gasket of the new filter. Fill the new filter about half full with fresh motor oil and set aside. Take your shop rags and thoroughly clean the the oil filter adapter (located on the engine) till it looks clean and free of any oil and install the new filter.

    Be careful when threading the oil filter on to the oil filter adapter, especially if its on an angle, the filter should thread easily with little resistance. Hand tighten only, do not use the filter wrench to tighten the filter. The filter should sit flush with the adapter, wipe any excess oil with rags.

    By now, the engine should be drained of oil, pull the shallow pan out and put on a pair of rubber gloves. Locate the drain plug and clean it with a rag. There maybe a small plastic seal, keep that as well. Set the old oil aside and carefully thread the drain plug bolt and seal back into the engine oil pan by hand, this will avoid cross-threading the bolt. Tighten with ratchet but don't use an excessive amount of force to tighten this bolt, just make sure it is snug.

    Lower the vehicle. Follow manufacturers specifications when filling the engine with fresh motor oil. An old one litre bottle cut in half can be used as a funnel if need be.

    DO NOT overfill, check the dipstick wipe and check again. Once you have filled the engine with oil replace the oil filler cap tightly and start the engine. Check for leaks around the filter and oil drain plug area, if no leaks, you're good to go. Pour the used oil into the containers you purchased the new oil in and take it to your local garage and they will recycle it for you.


    There are coolant level indicators usually located on the side of the coolant reservoir. Usually labelled COLD - HOT or ADD - FULL If your coolant level is BELOW the COLD or ADD mark, you'll need to add coolant.


    There's a dipstick near the back of that engine, usually with a red handle. Check transmission fluid when the vehicle is running and at operating temperature. Check the fluids color, it should be pink and free of dirt or any other particles. It should not smell burnt.

    If the fluid is very dark, you might consider installing a new transmission filter the same day you decide to do the oil change. Its a fairly simple install, just be careful not to warp the transmission pan by over-torquing the pan bolts. Prior to remounting the transmission pan. Apply a thin bead of O2-sensor friendly RTV sealant to the mating surface of the transmission pan, this helps keep the transmission pan gasket in place during reassembly and forms a good seal.

    You might want to print this off.

    Source: Ex - GM Parts Pro, 10+ yrs. exp.

    How would I replace or fix my water pump in my Chrysler Le Baron?

    The coolant in my '92 Le Baron is leaking, so I may have to change or replace my water pump.., any ideas?How would I replace or fix my water pump in my Chrysler Le Baron?Check your hoses first, changing out a water pump on a LeBaron is time consuming. You don't say what engine is in place so I'm going to assume it is the 3.0 V-6.

    First go to your auto parts store and purchase a Haynes manual for your LeBaron for approximately $16.00, go to the appropriate engine section and read up on changing the water pump. You will find it is quite a job and may be more than you want to tackle, but the money spent first will tell you whether or not you want to attempt the job before you get halfway through it and decide it is not something you wish to complete.

    And there is plenty of info in the manual for other repairs, one repair made by you and the book has paid for itself.How would I replace or fix my water pump in my Chrysler Le Baron?You take it out and replace with new. In the process you might have to remove radiator, drive belt, several pulleys to get to the pump.How would I replace or fix my water pump in my Chrysler Le Baron?Buy pump, throw in trunk. sell car. buy 1995 honda civic.How would I replace or fix my water pump in my Chrysler Le Baron?first be sure it is the pump that is leaking and not just a hose!!! I have seen the hoses leak and people brought me there car wanting me to fix the water pump and all it was ..... the hose was wore out and soft by the clamp and had sprung a small leak.... check that first before going all out and changing the water pump!!! also what size moter you have??? 4, 6, ??? makes a bit of a differance!!

    also check by the pulley, there is a small like hole in the pump.... see if it has a water type stain on it.... if so then the pump is going bad!!!
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  • Home work help best answer?

    21. When getting ready for a picnic, you pack some cold food in a foam-type container. Why will the food remain cold in the foam-type container longer than it would in a paper sack?

    a. The container material is a good conductor of thermal energy.

    b. The container material is a good insulator.

    c. The container material causes the density of the cold air inside the container to decrease, making it more difficult to lose heat.

    d. The air pockets in the container material absorb heat.

    22. Which of the following descriptions depicts an example of the first law of thermodynamics?

    a. Thermal energy from an ice cube moves into a hot beverage.

    b. The decrease in thermal energy of a hot object must be greater than the increase in thermal energy of a nearby cool object.

    c. Heat energy cannot be transferred across the boundary of a system unless work is done by the system.

    d. The cylinder of an air pump gets warmer as the piston moves inside it.

    23. Which of the following is an example of a system that has experienced an increase in entropy?

    a. Liquid water becomes an ice cube.

    b. Liquid water condenses on the outside of a glass.

    c. The liquid coolant inside a refrigerator changes to a gas.

    d. The compressor component of a refrigerator cools the circulating gas.

    24. Which of the following which types of waves can travel without a medium?

    a. sound

    b. radio

    c. mechanical

    d. transverse

    25. The type of waves that pass through a coiled metal spring are called

    a. transverse waves.

    b. electromagnetic waves.

    c. compressional waves.

    d. seismic waves.

    26. The average speed of sound in water is approximately 1,500 m/s. If the noise from a boat takes 5.0 seconds to reach an underwater detector, how far away is the boat? (d/s = t)

    a. 0.0033 m

    b. 300 m

    c. 1,505 m

    d. 7,500 m

    27. If two radio stations have broadcast waves of 3.0 meters and 2.0 meters respectively, what else can you say about the radio waves?

    a. The one with the shorter wavelength will have a smaller frequency.

    b. The one with the shorter wavelength will have a higher frequency.

    c. The one with the longer wavelength will have a longer frequency.

    d. Since they are both radio waves, they will have the same frequency.

    28. If you hear a musical sound from an instrument that is vibrating the air at 200.0 Hz and traveling at 340 m/s, what is the wavelength of that music?

    a. 1.7 m

    b. 0.59 m

    c. 68,000 m

    d. 0.0050 m

    29. Seeing an image in a mirror is a function of what behavior of light?

    a. refraction

    b. diffraction

    c. reflection

    d. resonance

    30. When a wave bends as it enters a new material, it is called

    a. interference.

    b. diffraction.

    c. reflection.

    d. refraction.Home work help best answer?21. b; 22. d; 23. c; 24. b; 25. b; 26 b; 27. b; 28. ?; 29. c; 30. d

    I'm not positive about some of them. It would help if I had studied this recently. Most of them you can do with common sense.Home work help best answer?dont you have a book

    or google.