Friday, June 3, 2011

Coolant change?

just drained radiator on 98 ford contour v6, radiator only took 1 gallon, needed 2, do i have air trapped in system, how to purge?Coolant change?make sure your t-stat isnt stuck closed. if its good:

Fill coolant reservoir to MAX mark with 50/50 water-coolant mixture. Loosen bleed bolt and fill radiator up to base of filler neck. Close bleed bolt when coolant flows out without bubbles. Tighten bleed bolt. With radiator cap removed, start and operate engine to normal operating temperature. Add coolant if necessary and check for leaks.Coolant change?You drained the radiator, not the whole system. The only way to exchange ALL the coolant is a power flush. You still want to burp the system, as all PP said, but don't expect it to take a whole lot more. You can look to see if that model has a bleeder screw on the thermostat housing, or run it and allow the air to collect in the radiator, then top it off. Either way, you should check the coolant after your first real trip to be sure no air bubbles were loosed from the motor.Coolant change?crank and let it run with cap off watch the flow rasie and lower might have to put cap on a few times and check til it gets warm enough to open thermostat... takes 30 minute or longer sometimes to get them fullCoolant change?start the engine,with the cap off,wait for thermostat to open,and continue filling