Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why i have no coolant?

so today i went driving around and decided to go buy a water temp gauge and install it. i went and got it they told me itd fit i tried it on the car and the threads were different that go into the coolant hardpipes. so i put everything back to how it should be and drive on the freeway to work. i pulled into a gas station and looked at my gauge it was climbing high into the H level wasnt completly in the H but it was about a 1/5 of inch away,which it had never been before. i popped the hood and tried taking the rad cap off. it was steaming so i just let it steam out. i looked after all teh steam had passed. didnt look like any coolant was in it. so i put water in it and drove it home. had no problems. what could be the cause of this. i just got done changing my coolant to some super coolant by hyperlube adding a whole bottle and distilled water with some 50/50 coolant. that was about a month ago. does anyone have any ideas?Why i have no coolant?sounds like when you put everything backtogether you may have caused a leak that was not there before. fill it with water when its cold and start it up turn on the a/c and let it run .then start looking for leaks after it reaches norm temp . you should findout if its leaking..Why i have no coolant?might be a cracked head.